The Fringed Benefit: Pashmina Shawl and Its Many Sides!

Once upon a time when civilization saw its first flush through the Mesopotamian society, a fringed shawl was the common garment for women. At that time, women wore it over their shoulders or tied up on their heads.

The trail evolved as tides of time washed the shores of modern societies. Today, a fringed pashmina portrays multitudinal wearing styles. Trendy yet resonating with an ancient cadence seems to work well for fashion experts all over the world.

People love it, wear it and flaunt it! That too for a number of reasons like –

  • Protecting oneself from the scorching heat during summer
  • Warming against the brutality of cold season
  • Accessorizing with pastel shaded dresses for special events

Given the scenario, let’s move forward with the Fringe-o-Frill!

Vivacious and Vibrant Fringes:

Fashion dictates that fringes deepen your style sense and take it to the next level. Simple pashminas are okay but with fringes, they can do much better. The loose frills give the garment sheer casualness yet an elegance that fits with major outfits like blazers, skirts, dresses, well-fitted pants, etc. The luxury of a pashmina blends gentility to your get up setting a trend to be followed by others. Formal or informal; every occasion mixes well with fringed shawls.

Delicate fabric soothes your demeanour!

A pashmina is perhaps the softest of woolly garments. Their silky smooth tenure can be sourced from the wool derived from the skin of mountain goats grazing in the Himalayan hills. What’s more is that they are light and lucid to carry as the fabric of pashminas is super fine and can be stylised for any event! Moreover, with more mixed color palettes texturing their body, these shawls are the rave of every fashion wardrobe.

Fringed or Fringeless?

You may ask what harm the fringe-less family did! Should we not even give them a try?

Well, why not?

Your style depends on what you are comfortable in. If everyone were to follow major fashion labels like Vogue or Prada, then fashion would have gone haywire!

You can wear a fringe-less pashmina scarf anytime but the fringed one does perk up your attitude with a vivacity never seen before. Moreover, the fringed wrap can be a unique wrap buddy for you this year! Wear it –

  • Like a knotty mesh
  • A cosy scarf
  • Comfortable and protective item for rude weather conditions
  • Classic drape style
  • Quirky bohemian on a sunny day at the beach

So, now that you know the fringed style power, why not give it a try and decode your 2018 look book? Most of the reputed pashmina online stores have already stocked up their latest pashmina wrap and shawl collection. Find yours and rock the season in your own style!