Pashmina Bridesmaid Gifts – The New Way To Give Bridesmaids Presents

Looking for a gift that is unique and classy for your dear bridesmaids? Have you given pashminas a thought? A pashmina bridesmaid gift could be an ideal and graceful way to ensure that you are extremely thankful and pleased to have your bridesmaids present on your special day!

Made from the wool of one of the finest breeds of goats found in the interior valleys of Nepal, this Chyangra pashmina cashmere can be literally translated into ‘soft gold’. Not only as a cashmere wrap but also as gifts, they are simply perfect for adding that extra spark to your wedding gift packs.

So, what are you waiting for? You can surely choose out a pashmina for your dear bridesmaids.

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What makes pashmina bridesmaid gift different from other gifts?

As they say that, “A gift’s quality depends on giver’s sincerity.’’

Aren’t the days of giving those similar wedding gifts gone with the wind? How about something new and unique? Well, it is the pashminas that can do the trick. Unlike other gifts which have chances to be rendered useless after a certain point of time, a cashmere pashmina can be used long after.

Most importantly, it can be used in a number of other occasions as well!

• As alternative gift:
Generally, bridesmaids are gifted jewellery or other token pieces. To give that whole idea a twist, a pashmina corporate gift is an ideal option. Since, this gift can be used long after the actual ceremony is over; hence, it has a long term value too. With a wide selection of colours to not only match the wedding theme but their personality too, the pashmina is the perfect bridesmaid gift.

Popular colours include grey pashminas and silver pashminas.

• Can be used in more than singular way:
In case of bridesmaids, this pashmina shawl can be used as a simple wrap or can be used in other styles as well. So, there are options as knot style over the gown, or a belt style over casuals in case of an evening cocktail party.

• Cost-friendly choice:

Another very important factor that makes a pashmina scarf a great gift is the price range that it comes in. Generally, if you are looking for an Italian pashmina in lighter shades as white or cream, price range is within $33-45 for per piece.

However, in case you wish for some silk infused cashmere pashmina, range could be well within £119-120.

Also, a pure cashmere scarf in lighter shades come within this similar range. Clearly, financially, this option suits quite well.

• Customized gift options:

Have you ever thought of customizing the return gift for your bridesmaids? Well, pashmina bridesmaid gift gives you that choice. There are options as monogrammed pashminas or printed pashminas that could very well make a great gift idea for your dear girls.

So, what are you thinking about? You can very well pack these up well in advance for your angels on that special day.

How about a little activity at the pre-wedding party?

Gift ideas with a twist

With the hen’s party being organized, you can very well use this pashmina bridesmaid gift as a complementary token for various activities as games and competitions that are organized in the party. In this way, rather than gifting in a traditional manner, pashminas could very well be gifted in a pleasant and unique way to all your bridesmaids.

So, time for you to search out the ideal pashmina bridesmaid gift for your wedding!

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