Ladies! It’s Time to Glamour up with a Pashmina Scarf

Style does not necessarily means splurging extravagantly on too many clothes! A woman needs to find the right accessories for an enigmatic outlook!

To all fashion savvies out there, life is too short and you need to make the most of it! Accessories like a beautiful pashmina from FCBC Apparel never goes out of style. You know why? Because of its versatility, its dualism and its aura of timelessness.

However, often one gets confused as to which way to sport pashmina scarves. After all, you cannot rock the same style every time, eh?

So, here comes a list of ways which you may find appealing to wear such delicate adjuncts from now on!

Pashmina Styles to Rock your Day!

  1. Wear it like a Sarong – These scarves can definitely highlight your day if you follow this style. Drape the item around your waist, taking the ends together to tie them around your hip. It works wonder with a well fitted trouser pant or a pencil skirt.
  2. Wear it with Jeans – A more casual, easy breezy way of draping pashminas is sporting them with a pair of Denim jeans. The fusion look of draping it around your shoulders over a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans surely perks up your day!
  3. Ruffled Scarf – A pashmina wrap can give you quite the bohemian look you have desired for! With a Mexican cadence underlying this style, the ruffled pattern can be the head turner. First, you fold the scarf into triangular form and then pull together to wrap it around your neck. Pull its ends from your neck behind and leave it loose on the front. It can go with a dress or even denim pants.
  4. OneShouldered Top Look – Layering has become a global trend for fashionistas. To get this chic look the best way, you need to wrap the scarf from one side and then tie two loose ends on the other shoulder; voila, you get the look!
  5. Classical Drape Style – If you are looking for a sophisticated classic look for a cocktail party or gala event, then a casual drape over your shoulders fits in perfectly. The loose ends swirling lucidly do give you a dreamy appearance.
  6. The Poncho Style – Often thought to be out-fashioned, the poncho style can give you a quirky look. Throw the scarf over your shoulders and then cover it over your arms. Tie both ends of the flowing scarf with a muted leather belt and thus, you get a new look!

Pashmina Scarf and beyond!

These scarves, wraps and even the pashmina shawl  work up well with a number of outfits like the bolero jacket, shirts, coats and what not! A simplistic pashmina scarf can be your travel companion during holidays or regular work routine. The story of the pashmina travel across cultures making this item emerge as a cross-cultural style identity!