Isn’t That Pashmina Wrap Still in Place?

A pashmina can often throw a tantrum by constantly slipping off your shoulders and letting all the style vanish in a poof! Such a silky soft item highlights any mundane look and gives a new attitude to every woman. So, you need to find out a way where sporting a pashmina wrap won’t be so much of a problem while you whisk away in your daily chores.

[Note: Pashminas have a royal history coming from the Persian word “pashm” and made from the skin of Chyangra Goat grazing in Himalayan mountain valleys. They speak of super finesse and vibrant colour shades matching every occasion.]

Here’s how you can manage pashminas without much hassle!

  1. At Workplace

When you sport a pashmina shawl on a formal wear, then make sure you have pinned it in the correct way with a sophisticated brooch. Muted vintage brooches are an excellent choice to pin pashminas. Drape it like scarf; you can also go for the office “geeky” look and pair it with a geek spectacle frame. This gives you a sense of dignity and authority making you emerge as a bold personality!

  1. At Home

When you are at your home, you need to be relaxed and casual in your get up. There need not be any special effort overdoing the entire personality. Keep your pashmina shawl wrap style simple.

Wrap it around your neck in two fold loop and let the ends run free. The process does not get complete however as the wrap can still slip off! In this case, a safety pin or even knitting needles can come handy as you pin the wrap with your dress.

  1. At a Party

Now, parties are places to rock your look and become the ultimate head turner! Cocktail parties or ladies night outs demand your look to be in the next level! Fashion party wear now is all about glitter and shimmer! So, get a dazzling brooch to tie up your shawl with your LBD or tank top dress! Make sure you get metallic base colour dress so that a pastel toned shawl strike beautifully!

[Note: Mahogany, Woody, Cedar or Walnut pins are exquisite little things which perk up any shawl or wrap and also keep them secure in place. Moreover, if you are looking for something new, try out the raging abalone pins for shawl. They are major fashion adjuncts!]

A little bit of extra info to carry a pashmina wrap or scarf!

Okay! So these scarves speak of a timeless cadence which befits every clothing item! No more hankering and no more last minute panic before going out!

These fine pashmina fashion add-ons harbour your inner feminity adding that extra special touch to set the stage on fire! You can –

  1. Tie it up in the knotty mess style
  2. The winter knot style
  3. The casual breezy summer knot wrap style
  4. Wrap it around your neck with a mushy 2 fold loop giving you a cosy look!

Hence, get your purses and update your wardrobe with an exclusive pashmina scarf collection for they would bump up your daily outlook to perfection!

Even men are getting involved in this pashmina wrap movement. Many stars are wearing a pashmina on a daily basis. For ideas take a look at the fashion news.