Here’s the Ultimate Wedding Shawl Wardrobe for Your Bridesmaid Squad

“A happier bridesmaid calls for a happier bride.”

This quote stands true in every essence. In case you’re looking to find the perfect outfit to compliment your favorite bridesmaid squad, then rest assured a pashmina won’t disappoint.

Made from exquisitely soft wool and often coined as the “diamond of every fiber”, a pashmina can be the ultimate wedding shawl to jazz up your girl squad.

Now that you have an idea about the perfect dress code, let’s talk about styling.

There are endless ways to style a pashmina but keeping in mind the wedding ambiance, here are a few options you can experiment with.

How to style a Pashmina wedding shawl with a Gown?

Most of you ladies prefer getting married in your traditional gowns and it’s no surprise that you’ll be a show stealer while walking down that aisle. However, your bridesmaids are your backbone; so, it’s equally essential that you make your whole girl squad stand out. Only then can you have a grand fat wedding.

Well, look at these styling tips then –

Traditional regency look

Advice your girls to half fold the wedding shawl around their necks and bring in the ends through a loop to create an old school getup. This styling is chic and retro and can act as a perfect wedding wrap.

Note- Opt for off shoulder dresses or tube dresses because these wraps will look more sophisticated on bare shoulders. Also, gowns with thigh slits are a good choice if you’re thinking of pairing a shawl with their dresses.

As a head scarf

Are you feeling the 90’s or do want to make your bridesmaids look like Mary Poppins? Bet you do! So, just transform your wedding pashmina into a headgear or headband. Place it above the head of your girls and knot it up in style. Add a classic theme to your wedding.

Spice up their tube gown

You’ve chosen an exquisite set of tube gowns but some of your girls are a little hesitant to go all bold! Not a problem, you just have to order a few more sets of your favorite bridal shawl.

A pashmina can be the perfect wrap to compliment these tube gowns. You can either tie them around your shoulders with an artsy knot or simply leave them hanging.

Note- Check out more innovative ways to tie a wedding shawl online or you can even be brave and create your own singular style.

Get set and be classy

Who said you can only use faux fur wrap to get a red carpet feel? Substitute those costly faux furs with pashmina wedding wraps. Give your bridesmaid the classic red carpet look. Just instruct them to wrap these pashminas in an artsy way. Place it over their shoulders and ask them to twine it around their arms to look more graceful and elegant.

Old is gold

If you’ve chosen an extremely gorgeous outfit for your gang, then you might want to remember, simplicity is best policy. Hence, whether it’s a strapless gown or even a turtleneck dress, opt for the modest styles. Request the girls to twine their bridal wrap around their shoulders and then let both the ends hang free like a traditional scarf.

Now, that you’re all set to dress up your ladies exquisitely, don’t forget to choose appropriate colors and textures to add luster to their outfits.

What are you waiting for, place a bulk order of your favorite wedding shawl today and get a discount in the process too. One last tip – make sure to purchase from the reputed brand only, or you might end up investing in the wrong product/fake pashmina.