Few Easy Styling Hacks with Pashmina Shawl This Summer

If you’re a woman of class and sophistication, chances are that a pashmina shawl can be your new best friend. A pashmina is the ultimate fashion accessories today. With their elegant texture and exquisite softness, it is no surprise that women of all ages have a formidable desire to possess them.

Pashminas have been a symbol of luxury and refinement since eras, creating a significant hype in the fashion industry.

With the progress of the modelling world, distinctive styles and patterns have evolved. If you take a ride down the time machine, pashminas were originally used by royal families as an insignia of wealth and luxury. Reports claim them to go back more or less 3000 years.

Coming to the present day, these shawls are originally fodder for the cottage industries. Generally, a single shawl takes almost a week to produce and the process is laborious indeed. However, hand weaving a pashmina is an art, which is why the finished products offer exquisite precision. It is tough and draining which makes these stoles moderately expensive.

Again, the usage of pashminas are not limited to winter season only; you can use them anytime, even during summers. The reason being these stoles aren’t the typical uncomfortable scarves that’ll make you sweat profusely. They are softer and cosier. So, with a few effective clever hacks, you can pull them off all year around.

Fun fact: A pashmina wrap doesn’t absorb sweat; rather it allows sweat to evaporate easily, so you don’t have to be anxious about feeling too warm.

Ways to Style with your Pashmina!

Well, in case you’re wondering how to effortlessly style your pashminas, here are some tips you can implement.

The manner in which you wear your scarf reflects your personality. Hence, for a corporate look, go for tying it in knotted style around the neck. This is a very popular look amongst working women these days.

Is contemporary fashion what you prefer? Well, you can accessorize your denim jackets with cashmere shawls. It can give out a chic and bold vibe; notice how many celebrities drape pashminas in tow-toned fashion. The right tones can get you a vogue-worthy look.

If wrapping around your arms and neck is not your style, try out accessorizing like a headscarf or a belt. It’s retro and it works!

The bottom line is, pashminas are extremely versatile garments which can be draped in numerous ways. These cashmere products can give a fashionable look, no matter whatever outfit you’re draping them on.

Now, all this brings to another important aspect – taking care of the shawl. Here are things to keep in mind to make your Pashminas outlive you.

When it comes to cleaning a pashmina, there are two ways for the same – dry cleaning and hand washing.

However, there’s no point in trying to dry clean at home; hence, it’s always best to seek professional help in this case. Again, when you are hand cleaning the garment at home, always use cold water along with mild detergent. Avoid scrubbing vigorously or you’ll end up shredding your stole.

In a nutshell:

A pashmina shawl is a beautiful and elegant accessory to own; therefore, don’t hesitate anymore. To keep your fashion game top notch and look classy this season, hurry up and select your one of kind garment.