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Cashmere Shawl

A cashmere shawl is a women’s fashion garment that is put on as a warm wrap around their shoulders, usually while they wear a dress. Cashmere is a very luxuriant wool that lots of a fashion-conscious woman enjoy wearing. Its silky feel is very light-weight, and its appreciable reputation makes it quite desirable.

Cashmere is a kind of wool that comes from Kashmir goats, and it is very soft but also is somewhat expensive too. Cashmere is made from goat hair during their molting season when the goats shed their down.

Most of the goats are raised in the cold high desert climates and, their thick inner coat protects them against severe winter weather, but when the season changes, the goats start to lose their layer of down.

Many shawls are made out of other materials too. Some other types of luxurious fabrics are widely-used, like satin, silk, fur, or soft organza.

Cashmere comes is a wide variety of colors, which makes it a very popular selection for this sort of garment. In most cases, a shawl has rectangular shape and is around two to four 4 feet wide and five to six feet long.

The word “shawl” is frequently used interchangeably for the word stole, however, this is wrong. A stole is smaller, and narrower than pashminas made to fit closely to your body, and frequently manufactured from more expensive materials. Shawls can be much more of a day-to-day garment compared to a stole.

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