Cashmere Scarf: A Woman’s Never-Ending Affair with the Clothing

Cashmere scarf fabric has been favoured by women from ages. It used to be a symbol of the ultra-luxurious lives led by royal men and women. Even today, it still commands great appeal for its comfortable and rich look.

Sourced from the hair of exquisite Himalayan goats, the wool is woven into these scarves and sold throughout the globe. Women of all ages, region and ethnic background love to wrap a cashmere scarf around their neck and flaunt the exuberance it brings.

Types of wrap and pairing

These scarves are available in colourful combinations and you can style them in many ways, thus enhancing your elegance. You can choose from the different shapes and sizes. Be it long or short, square or rectangular, each cashmere scarf becomes a masterpiece in itself.

You can also pair them with several outfits irrespective of any hour of the day. The best part about these scarves is that they can be worn with formal as well as casual wear.

Cashmere Scarf
Cashmere Scarf

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