Bridal Shower – Time to Gift the Special Girl’s Gang a Perfect Wedding Shawl

According to UK Wedding statistics’ 2017 Report – bridal shower party has become a matter of social etiquette with close to 55-60% brides opting for it on a regular basis.

Now, how about using this occasion of bridal shower to plan the accessories for next day’s wedding? Cannot comprehend?

Well, a bridal shower is an ideal time to gift the special girl’s gang a perfect wedding shawl!

Now, with this last moment party in tow, it is natural to have queries. How can one choose shawls? Is the gift good enough? What if there is a colour mismatch?

To get answers for all these queries, you will just have to scroll down and check out the details given.

Why wait? Time to read!

Bridal shawl and its colour coordination

The first point to note – bridal showers in current times occur a couple of days before the wedding. Hence, one has ample time to coordinate with her ‘coterie of females’ about the ideal shawl colour.

Next question – Which colour of a wedding pashmina uk must the bride, friends of the bride and bridesmaids wear? Also, which colour would the family members don to match the theme?

Here are the answers:


Bridal shower is the perfect time to decide on which wedding wraps the ‘girl of the moment’ would adorn. A normal bride with minimal demands would go in for pastel shades – lilac, caramel, peach or pink. However, for someone who loves to experiment – burgundy, brown or a gold bridal shawl would be chosen ones!

One can also go in for a complete dress rehearsal and try out different shawls before finalising the colour.


A bridal shower is the hub of final discussions on ‘what to wear for wedding?’ Hence, this is the ideal place to choose out an ideal wedding shawl. If the bridesmaids are planning to wear pink or lilac gowns, then they can jointly zero upon peach or navy or ivory coloured pashminas.

[Note: As a surprise for them, the bride can hand over these pashminas to them for her D -day.]

Friends of the bride:

Now, this is a completely different set of people who are an important section of the guest list. If the bride is an experimental one – then one can assume that her friends too would be of same nature. So, as the bridal shower is on – they can sit together and decide which colour would suit the occasion. From orange, red and gold to turquoise, cream, green and silver – the choice is endless!

Since by this time the gown colour has already been decided, hence donning a pashmina becomes easy!

Wedding wraps as gifts for family members:

Now comes the most important part – choosing parting gifts for wedding. Bridal shower is an occasion where multiple ideas pour in and one can choose out the perfect gift for family members.

It is best to keep the colour option light with –silver, peach, grey, pink, ivory, white to choose a few. In case one wishes to try out deeper hues – purple, red and coral are top picks!

A point to note: While you discuss colour matches and gowns, the most important factor to note is the retailer. Make sure that you research well, considering the finer details before you finalise. There are multiple sellers in market who would claim to provide an authentic pashmina shawl wrap wedding shawl. However, it is your job to match certain credentials and test your product. Hope you have a worthy buy!

Therefore, on this winter as you gear up for your most special day make sure that you choose wisely and celebrate fully for we all know this day is once a lifetime shot!