A Stain on Your Silk Scarf? Here’s How to Get Rid of It!

That lovely silk scarf – just so perfect for every occasion, isn’t it? Now comes the next occasion AND…you notice a STAIN!! Sunscreen? Sweat? Ewww….who knows?

However, you cannot wear it like that! So, what do you do? Come on, even you know that you cannot dump it into the washing machine. You can’t put it in with other clothes either! So, what’s the way out?

Well, that is exactly what this blog will talk about.

orange silk scarf
orange silk scarf

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Cashmere Scarf: A Woman’s Never-Ending Affair with the Clothing

Cashmere scarf fabric has been favoured by women from ages. It used to be a symbol of the ultra-luxurious lives led by royal men and women. Even today, it still commands great appeal for its comfortable and rich look.

Sourced from the hair of exquisite Himalayan goats, the wool is woven into these scarves and sold throughout the globe. Women of all ages, region and ethnic background love to wrap a cashmere scarf around their neck and flaunt the exuberance it brings.

Types of wrap and pairing

These scarves are available in colourful combinations and you can style them in many ways, thus enhancing your elegance. You can choose from the different shapes and sizes. Be it long or short, square or rectangular, each cashmere scarf becomes a masterpiece in itself.

You can also pair them with several outfits irrespective of any hour of the day. The best part about these scarves is that they can be worn with formal as well as casual wear.

Cashmere Scarf
Cashmere Scarf

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How has the Camel Cashmere Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf become a Trend?

Camel cashmere pashmina is very trendy in the market right now because this generation is in love with the nude colour. Be it lipstick, heels, bags, dresses or pashminas; people are always falling for nudes. Before getting more into the pashmina section, let’s discuss the attires you can complement a camel shawl with.

Outfits for various occasions

Pashminas are not only used as wraps to feel warm but also plays a significant role when it comes to fashion. So, here are a few suggestions for you.

Casual hangouts

For casual outings, how about the Sleeveless Swing Top or the Floral Off Shoulder Top paired with denim shorts? That’ll make a perfect outfit for a sudden meet up with friends or a weekend planned with colleagues. And to make the entire look flawless, place a shawl around your neck. That’s picture perfect, right?

camel cashmere pashmina
camel cashmere pashmina

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Bridal Shower – Time to Gift the Special Girl’s Gang a Perfect Wedding Shawl

Pink wedding shawls

According to UK Wedding statistics’ 2017 Report – bridal shower party has become a matter of social etiquette with close to 55-60% brides opting for it on a regular basis.

Now, how about using this occasion of bridal shower to plan the accessories for next day’s wedding? Cannot comprehend?

Well, a bridal shower is an ideal time to gift the special girl’s gang a perfect wedding shawl!

Now, with this last moment party in tow, it is natural to have queries. How can one choose shawls? Is the gift good enough? What if there is a colour mismatch?

To get answers for all these queries, you will just have to scroll down and check out the details given.

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Here’s the Ultimate Wedding Shawl Wardrobe for Your Bridesmaid Squad

wedding shawl

“A happier bridesmaid calls for a happier bride.”

This quote stands true in every essence. In case you’re looking to find the perfect outfit to compliment your favorite bridesmaid squad, then rest assured a pashmina won’t disappoint.

Made from exquisitely soft wool and often coined as the “diamond of every fiber”, a pashmina can be the ultimate wedding shawl to jazz up your girl squad.

Now that you have an idea about the perfect dress code, let’s talk about styling.

There are endless ways to style a pashmina but keeping in mind the wedding ambiance, here are a few options you can experiment with.

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Few Easy Styling Hacks with Pashmina Shawl This Summer


If you’re a woman of class and sophistication, chances are that a pashmina shawl can be your new best friend. These stoles are the ultimate fashion accessories today. With their elegant texture and exquisite softness, it is no surprise that women of all ages have a formidable desire to possess them.

Pashminas have been a symbol of luxury and refinement since eras, creating a significant hype in the fashion industry.

With the progress of the modelling world, distinctive styles and patterns have evolved. If you take a ride down the time machine, pashminas were originally used by royal families as an insignia of wealth and luxury. Reports claim them to go back more or less 3000 years.

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Ladies! It’s Time to Glamour up with a Pashmina Scarf

girl wearing pashmina scarf

Style does not necessarily means splurging extravagantly on too many clothes! A woman needs to find the right accessories for an enigmatic outlook!

To all fashion savvies out there, life is too short and you need to make the most of it! Accessories like a cashmere pashmina shawl never go out of style. You know why? Because of its versatility, its dualism and its aura of timelessness.

However, often one gets confused as to which way to sport pashmina scarves. After all, you cannot rock the same style every time, eh?

So, here comes a list of ways which you may find appealing to wear such delicate adjuncts from now on!

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Allure of the Pashmina Shawl Makes It the New Enchantress of 2018!

elegant pashmina shawl

The lure of pashmina continues till date! You know why? Because, prized for its exquisiteness and soft fabric nature, it becomes every woman’s desired garment.

Pashminas portray a legacy which no other fashion accessory can perhaps carry with so much royal demeanour. In fact, the pashmina shawl actually connotes “soft gold” in Kashmir. Vogue calls it “Pashy” and declared it as a bewitching item of cloth by the late 90’s.

Moreover, if you must know; pashminas constitute major cog of some of the world’s poorest economy. History says that shawls were the pride of Marie Antoinette, the French Empress who sported this artistic master craft throughout her reign. Let your doubt go away and your fashion savvy mind get chastened.

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Isn’t That Pashmina Wrap Still in Place?

man wearing apashmina wrap

A pashmina can often throw a tantrum by constantly slipping off your shoulders and letting all the style vanish in a poof! Such a silky soft item highlights any mundane look and gives a new attitude to every woman. So, you need to find out a way where sporting a pashmina wrap won’t be so much of a problem while you whisk away in your daily chores.

[Note: Pashminas have a royal history coming from the Persian word “pashm” and made from the skin of Chyangra Goat grazing in Himalayan mountain valleys. They speak of super finesse and vibrant colour shades matching every occasion.]

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The Fringed Benefit: Pashmina Shawl and Its Many Sides!

fringed pashmina shawl

Once upon a time when civilisation saw its first flush through the Mesopotamian society, a fringed shawl was the common garment for women. At that time, women wore it over their shoulders or tied up on their heads.

The trail evolved as tides of time washed the shores of modern societies. Today, a fringed pashmina shawl portrays multitudinal wearing styles. Trendy yet resonating with an ancient cadence seems to work well for fashion experts all over the world.

People love it, wear it and flaunt it! That too for a number of reasons like –

  • Protecting oneself from the scorching heat during summer
  • Warming against the brutality of cold season
  • Accessorizing with pastel shaded dresses for special events

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