Allure of the Pashmina Shawl Makes It the New Enchantress of 2018!

The lure of pashmina continues till date! You know why? Because, prized for its exquisiteness and soft fabric nature, it becomes every woman’s desired garment.

Pashminas portray a legacy which no other fashion accessory can perhaps carry with so much royal demeanour. In fact, the pashmina shawl actually connotes “soft gold” in Kashmir. Vogue calls it “Pashy” and declared it as a bewitching item of cloth by the late 90’s.

Moreover, if you must know; pashminas constitute major cog of some of the world’s poorest economy. History says that shawls were the pride of Marie Antoinette, the French Empress who sported this artistic master craft throughout her reign. Let your doubt go away and your fashion savvy mind get chastened.

One Shawl; 3 looks, 3 Purposes!

Let’s start with the looks first.

  1. The Bohemian Look

Are you the casual boho chic who couldn’t care less what the world thinks?

Then for you, a pashmina wrap can be way to go now! This wrap comes in multifarious colour palettes and styles like fringed and fringe-less. You can wear it like a poncho by draping it over your shoulders and arms and tying it with a belt! During summers, as you walk barefoot on the beach, take a wrap and pair it with a short pant and casual sleeveless tee.

  1. The Diva Look

Every woman aspires to become a diva! And, why not?

You have every right to go extravagant to quench your fashion thirst. Pashminas especially a pashmina come in rich colour textures like coral turquoise, oceanic blue, regal black or shimmering silver! With little diamond studs complimenting your ear, a loose bun hairstyle and a simple dress matched with such shawls can give you the essential “Red Carpet” look.

  1. The Corporate Warrior

When you are ambitious, you tend to strive forward in this world fighting against all odds and slowly climbing your ambition steps. You know you have that fire which burns and you stand strong with your head held high in the corporate world!

Going to office, meeting business client, attending conferences require a determined get-up. You cannot go all easy-prissy while you are out there! So, this year, while you dress up in a well-fitted suit pant and a dynamic coat blazer, make sure you have a pashmina wrapped around your neck and pinned with a brooch!

Purposeful Pashminas –

  • When you use it as a Belt – Pashminas can be used as a belt and that too quite easily! You can tie it up around your waist and wear any dress underneath! Enjoying a sunny day at the beach, you can match your bikini look by wrapping up pashminas around the waist and get a trendy look.
  • When you use it as Travel Accessory – All pashmina wraps can be the travel buddy you have been looking for. They can be carried in your bag and you can drape it over as you return from work in the evening.
  • When you use it as a doubled wrap scarf – The shawl becomes the warm and cosy comforter when you are outside perhaps in an office event during cold season. You wrap it twice over and hug yourself with this astonishing fashion adjunct!

Time is ticking away and if you want to set major fashion goals, then, hook up today with a pashmina shawl.